Save the dates! Fundraiser for the Semper Fi Fund

We continue to solicit gift cards for our fundraisers for the Semper Fi Fund at Homestead Gardens.  Below is a list of the ones received so far for both locations (Davidsonville and Severna Park):

Davidsonville:  Union Jacks Irish Pub – $75; Mission BBQ- $25; Giant Food – $25; Houlihan’s Restaurant – $25; Allisons – $25; Chick & Ruth’s – Overnight stay at their bed and breakfast with breakfast included; Middleton Tavern – $50; Killarney House – 2 – $25/ea.; Carrol’s Creek Cafe – $50.

Severna Park:  Mi Pueblo Restaurant – $25; Ledo’s Pizza on Ritchie Hwy – 2- $10 ea.;  Mission BBQ – $25; Mezzanotte – $25; Bill Bateman’s – $20;

We are still waiting for a few others and will keep you posted.

We will also sell at these events the two cookbooks that raise funds for the Semper Fi Fund.  These cookbooks are $10/ea. and have wonderful recipes from Marine family members and supporters of our military.

The fundraisers will be on May 12 and 13 at Homestead Gardens’ Davidsonville location and on May 19 and 20 at their Severna Park store.    We hope to see you there!


More Gift Cards Received for the Semper Fi Fund fundraiser at Homestead Gardens

Once again, our local businesses have shown their love for our troops and commitment to support for the Semper Fi Fund fundraiser at Homestead Gardens.  The fundraiser will be on May 12 and 13 at their Davidsonville location and May 19th and 20th in their Severna Park Store.  So far we have received the following gift cards to raffle:

Mission Barbeque – Two – $25/ea.

Killarney House – Two – $25/ea.

Carrol’s Creek Cafe – One – $50

Union Jack’s Irish Pub in Annapolis – One – $75

Giant Food – One – $25

Houlihan’s Restaurant – One – $ 25

Allison’s Restaurant – One $25

We will start collecting the ones for the Severna Park location next week.  I will keep you posted!  We hope to see all of you at one (or both) of the fundraisers!  Thank you in advance for your support of this amazing cause!



Video Library at the Semper Fi Fund website

Below is a list of some important and interesting videos from the Semper Fi Fund.  You can watch them by going to their website at: and click on Our Impact at the top of the page.   We hope you will find these videos very informative and helpful.

Video Library

Fundraiser for the Semper Fi Fund at Homestead Gardens

I just received two $25/each gift cards from Killarney House in Davidsonville, donated for our raffle at the yearly fundraiser for the Semper Fi Fund at Homestead Gardens.   Please note the dates:

May 12 and 13th at their Davidsonville location and May 19th and 20th at their Severna Park Store.

We are just beginning to collect these gift cards and look forward to many more.  Stay tuned, and as always, thank you so much for your support!

Cookbooks selling great at the USS Midway!

I received yet another order for 20 cookbooks from the USS Midway.  This location is selling them really well.  Thanks a million to them and to all who have purchased them!

We are already preparing for the May fundraisers at Homestead Gardens.  The one in Davidsonville will be on May 12 and 13 and at the Severna Park Store on May 19th and 20th.  In addition to selling both cookbooks that raise funds for the SFF, we will be raffling gift cards from different local businesses.  Stay tuned for more information!


Another Cookbook Order!

The cookbooks are selling like hot cakes at the USS Midway Ship in San Diego – just received another order for 30 cookbooks! If you are interested in purchasing any – please contact me at:

Great Success in reaching $20M with’s Match!

Below is the information from the Semper Fi Fund’s website regarding the success of their matched donations until December 31st.  A very heartfelt thank you to all who donated, and to for their continued commitment to our injured service members.

THANK YOU for Making the Difference!

We’re excited to announce that because of your amazing support, the Double Down for Veterans matching campaign has reached its $20 million goal! The generosity of our donors is the lifeblood of our vital mission and programs. We are grateful for the continued support of The Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation and this year’s $10 million grant. The Parsons’ 6th annual Double Down For Veterans campaign not only provides us with critical funding, but helps raise national awareness for our mission and veterans in need.

Thank you for remaining faithful as we work to create a better world for our heroes. Every dollar counts—it ensures that no one is left behind!

Homestead Gardens sold 22 cookbooks in December!

Homestead Gardens continues its unwavering support of the Semper Fi Fund, selling 22 cookbooks in December, as part of their support for our troops via different venues such as their Tree for Troops fundraiser.   Thank You, Homestead Gardens!

New Donation to the Semper Fi Fund

I am pleased to inform all of you that I mailed today a check for $1,000 to the Semper Fi Fund.  This  raises the amount  contributed to $85,751.  As always, I want to express my sincere and great appreciation to all who have contributed.  On behalf of all my friends at the Semper Fi Fund, I thank you once again for your support of our injured service members and their families through this wonderful organization.

Thank You For Your Support

As the year ends, I want to thank all of you who have supported our mission of raising funds for the Semper Fi Fund through the sale of our cookbooks.  Without your support, we would not have had the success we have.

We are  committed to  continue to supporting our injured service members and pray for them and their families.  For more information on the Semper Fi Fund, please log on to their website at:

Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas and a New Year full of love, health and peace in our country and in the world.