Cookbook Orders for 2019 Are Off to a Great Start!

I am happy to report that 2019 has started with great orders from some of our supporters for the Semper Fi Fund Cookbooks.

We have already received two orders from the Marine Corps Museum, one from the Marine Corps Association, and one from the USS Midway. We are eternally grateful to them.

We are looking forward to another year where we can support our heroes who have struggled so much with their injuries.

We look forward to receiving more orders – please send me a message if you would like to purchase one or several cookbooks. They are $10/ea. plus $3.45 for shipping one via media mail.  For additional shipping cost if you order more, please send me a message also and I can give you the information.

Thank You to Our Supporters!

As we close another year, we want to thank all of our supporters and contributors once again.  Our total contributions to the Semper Fi Fund since 2009 remain at $89,171.  We thank all who have contributed and would like to ask you to spread the word and continue your support in the coming year.  Our brave injured heroes will need, in many cases, our support for the rest of their lives.  Your contributions can make a big difference, no matter what size.  I invite you to log on to the Semper Fi Fund’s website,, to read about their most recent events and support to our service members.    We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your generosity, and hope you have wonderful Holiday Season and a healthy and prosperous 2019.

Semper Fi Fund’s Continued Assistance to Injured Veterans

The Semper Fi Fund continues to provide unlimited support to our veterans from all military branches who have been injured in our recent wars.  If you are one of them or a family member,  you are not alone. From injury through recovery, comprehensive programs improve the lives of wounded veterans and address the unique needs of their immediate families.
Program Areas of Assistance
Bedside Financial Support
Housing Assistance
Transportation Assistance
Adaptive Equipment
Caregiver Support & Retreats
Kids Camp
Canine Program
Horsemanship Program 

Our cookbooks have already raised over $89,000 since 2009. They are only $10/ea. plus shipping via media mail.  Please contact Gladys Rodriguez at: before December 12th to place your order.   These make great Christmas gifts!

The Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation will match your donation, up to $10 Million Dollars, through Dec. 31, 2018.  Let’s Double Down!  For additional information, please log on to   Don’t wait!  Our injured heroes will need, in many cases, our support for the rest of their lives.  Let’s make sure they know we have not forgotten them and never will!  Thank you for your support!

The Semper Fi Fund’s Resources for Injured Service Members

The Semper Fi Fund offers a variety of resources for our injured service members from recent wars.  They rely solely on donations and the support of individuals and organizations that understand our heroes’ needs, many of them for the rest of their lives.

The cookbooks that we have created with the help of many families of our military, as well as supporters and organizations, are big supporters of the Semper Fi Fund’s mission.  We are committed to continue our efforts to assist them and, thanks to the support of many of you, we have donated  a total of $89,171 since 2009.   Please consider ordering one or more cookbooks.  They are only $10/ea. plus shipping via media mail, which is the most economic way.   You can email me at: if you have any questions, or if you would like to order one or more cookbooks.

We have two editions – the first one was created in 2009, the second one, Recipes from Across the World, was created in 2014, and it has recipes from places around the world where our supporters have been stationed, or from their ancestry.  I look forward to hearing from you!

New Donation to the Semper Fi Fund

I am sending a check for $1,000 to the Semper Fi Fund tomorrow from cookbook sales.  This will make our total donations since 2009 – $88,171.  With’s match until December 31st, the total contributed to this great organization from the cookbooks sales is  $89,171.

Please consider making a donation to them by 12/31/18.  Every dollar makes a difference!  Thank you so much for your support!

Great News from!

The Semper Fi Fund announced that will once again match every contribution to the fund until December 31st. 2018.  This match will be up to 10M!  A grateful and heartfelt thank you to this great company for their continuous support of the Semper Fi Fund and our injured heroes.  Please make your donation before that date so it will be doubled!

I invite you to log on to their website: so you can learn more about their fabulous mission of unending support to our injured troops.

Thank you!


The Semper Fi Fund Expands to Assist Vietnam Veterans

The Semper Fi Fund has announced that Vietnam Veterans are now included in getting assistance from this great organization.  Below is the information regarding this new benefit.  I invite you to log on to the Semper Fi Fund at: to learn more about this additional commitment from this great organization.


LCpl Parsons Welcome Home Fund for Vietnam Veterans

Eligibility Criteria: • Blind/legally blind • Paralyzed (paraplegia, quadriplegia) • Amputation (loss of leg, arm or any combination) • Burned over 50% of the body • Severe Traumatic Brain Injury — cannot function independently (needs 24/7 care and supervision) • Life threatening illness linked to Agent Orange exposure (recognized by VA)
If eligible, assistance may be provided in the following areas (case by case basis): • Transportation grant (Adaptive Vehicle or Modifications, Vehicle Repairs) • Housing grant (Modifications, Repairs, Adaptive Home) • Medical Care grant — (not covered by insurance or VA)
LCpl Parsons Welcome Home Fund for Vietnam Veterans
For more information, please call 760-725-3680 or contact us at

The Semper Fi Fund is excited to announce the:
The program will expand our mission to care for veterans from all US military service branches who are catastrophically injured from combat operations in Vietnam.
*must have one or more of the conditions

IMSFF Cookbook Fundraiser Update

To all our supporters, our thanks and great appreciation for your continued support of this fundraiser.  Since 2009, we have donated a total of $87,171 to the Semper Fi Fund from cookbook sales.  I just received two orders – one from the Marine Corps Association and another one from the USS Midway, so I am hoping to send a donation to the SFF as soon as I receive the checks for these two orders.   Please don’t forget our heroes who have gone through so much and whose lives have been changed forever.  Go to the Semper Fi Fund’s website, so you can learn about their mission and support.

The Semper Fi Fund – Update

Did you know that to date, the Semper Fi Fund has assisted 21,000 members of all branches of our military who have been injured in the recent wars?  They have provided $180,000,000 in assistance, helping 173,000 injured heroes.   Please consider supporting this wonderful organization.  You can log on to their website: to learn more details about their unwavering commitment to our heroes.

The IMSFF Cookbook Fundraiser, with the help and support of family members of our military and other supporters like,  has already donated $87,171 to the Semper Fi Fund since 2009.   You can also be a part of this great cause.  The cookbooks sell for only $10/ea. plus shipping via media mail (the cheapest way) and have wonderful recipes.  Please log on to our website, or e-mail Gladys Rodriguez at: to place your order.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for considering your support to these heroes who have given up so much for our country and our freedom.

The Semper Fi Fund

The Semper Fi Fund story began in the spring of 2003. Just back from Operation Iraqi Freedom, the first wave of wounded Marines and Sailors landed at Camp Pendleton, California. A dedicated group of Marine spouses began to organize welcome home activities at the hospital. They arranged travel for family members who couldn’t afford airfare. They provided a specialized van for a Marine who is now a quadriplegic through the generosity of donors like retired Marine Colonel Jack Kelly. The group assembled and distributed care bags filled with toiletries and phone cards. And still, the injured kept coming.   As the need continued, the Semper Fi Fund grew to be the great and well-managed organization it is now, which not only supports injured Marines, but also service members from all branches of the military.  They have given over $100M in assistance and their commitment has not changed at all – if anything, it has gotten bigger.

Please log in to their website at: so you can learn more about them and how you can get involved in assisting our injured heroes who in many cases will need help for the rest of their lives.  Thank you in advance for your support of this great cause and organization.