Family Cookbook

Family Cookbook, Recipes from Marines, Families and Friends$10.00 plus shipping and handling


This cookbook has truly been a labor of love.  The response from all our Marines, friends and families, as well as from members of the other branches of our mlitary, was overwhelming.  Each and every recipe brought a piece of the heart of all of those who cherish our country and our freedom, and truly appreciate the great sacrifices that so many of our Marines and other members of our military and their families have made so we can continue to enjoy our way of life.

We dedicate this cookbook to our wounded warriors and their families, and hope the funds raised will not only assist them with the challenges that they face, but will also let them know our love and our gratitude for their service and their sacrifices.

We would also like to dedicate this cookbook to all Gold Star Mothers, who know first hand the cost of freedom, by making an unimaginable sacrifice for our country.  We salute you and we honor you.