Recipes From Across The World

Recipes From Around The World$10.00 plus shipping and handling


This cookbook contains a collection of recipes from different parts of the world as well as traditional American recipes.

Some are reflections of the contributor’s heritage and some are a result of their experiences abroad.

You will also find recipes that have just become favorites in the individual’s culinary repertoire.

Proceeds made from selling these cookbooks will go directly to the Semper Fi Fund and to our Heroes in need.  It is our hope that this cookbook will further support the Fund’s mission of standing by those who have served our country with courage and enormous sacrifice!  With the war in Afghanistan winding down, it is important that we remember that the injuries sustained by these brave men and women will require our support for years to come; and in some instances, for the rest of their lives.

We want to express our deep appreciation to all those who have participated in this project.  Without the help and teamwork of many Navy and Marine Corps family members and supporters, this cookbook would have never happened.